Our team is growing and we’re always on the lookout for talented people to join us.

Join our team & work on new products that are changing the world.

Headquartered in Waikato New Zealand, Manta5 is creating a global brand that’s fuelled by innovative new product design that will ultimately build a new world water sport.

Manta5 has been in the spotlight since 2017. Our then prototype went viral, amassing 350 million views on social media and garnering thousands of requests to purchase. Three years later we’re riding the trend of “holidaying at home” and wellness. Our momentum continues to skyrocket through an established dealer network in Europe, and an expanding network in the USA.

We need additional talent to help us build a portfolio of world class products, and develop the Manta5 brand globally. We have an exciting growth plan over the next 12 months and want to get ahead of the game acquiring the best talent. Whether you want to join the team now or in the future, we would like to hear from prospective employees all around the world!

Manta5 offers a flexible work environment, with many staff working in office 3 days per week and working at home the rest of the week. Our base of operations in Hamilton is part of the Golden Triangle of enterprise and opportunity, with close neighbours Auckland and the Bay of Plenty.

We have a goal to build a global sports company, so expect to be out riding hydrofoil bikes as part of your job.


By seeking to constantly innovate on the way things are done, Manta5 sets out to push the limits and redefine human potential on water.


Belief in the job you do, guides a path to success. At Manta5, passion for water, people and innovation drives us to achieving what most believe to be impossible.


Manta5 does not believe that realistic expectations or industry precedents should inform what’s possible. Instead, we work to define new possibilities, and back ourselves to achieve them.