Xe-1 Specifications

From advanced design to superior materials, 

Manta5 has spent more than seven years 

innovating to deliver a cutting edge watercraft 

with a truly unique riding experience. 

The World's First.

Exceptional performance and all water-terrain capabilities elevate this bike into a class of its own. Exuding confidence, its sporty design is complemented by truly responsive riding dynamics and seamlessly integrated technology.

Carbon fibre foils

This combination is impeccably tuned. Striking a perfect balance between stability and maneuverability in all types of water-terrain.


  • Foil tip design minimises drag and extends effective wingspan 
  • Rear wingspan measures 2m. Front wing, 1.2m 
  • General purpose foils. Suitable for lakes, rivers, and the ocean
  • Modular design for easy assembly and in-car transport

Electric motor & battery

Clever technology. Ultra simple to use. This waterproof duo is designed to push the limits of what’s possible on water. The motor has proven resilient against rigorous maritime tests yet produces no more than a quiet hum and inflicts zero harm on the environment.


  • Fully submersible IP68 rated battery housing system.
  • Easy access charging connector with a 5 hour charge time
  • IP68 rated electric motor 
  • 460 watts of pedal assist power 
  • Up to 60 minutes run time on maximum assist level. Please note, estimated battery run time may vary depending on the weight of the rider, weather conditions, and level of assist.
  • Heads Up Display includes on/off, speed and battery level indicator

Chassis & gears

In addition to being resilient against saltwater and corrosion, the Hydrofoiler's frame and gears are packed full of ingenious design details that stay true to the simplicity of a beautifully crafted mountain bike.


  • Aircraft grade TIG welded 6061-T6 aluminium frame 
  • Hybrid drivetrain with industry standard components for easy replacement 
  • Buoyancy modules designed to streamline the Hydrofoiler both above and below water 
  • Easy maintenance crank-set sub-assembly, gearbox sub-assembly, and the propeller/shaft sub-assembly

Take a deep dive into the world's first hydrofoil bike.